He is completely mesmerizing. Yes, there’s the preparation; the extraordinary intellectual and technical graft. Yes, there’s the emotional and physical range but there is something else that I find impossible to define. It is his and his alone.Chiwetel Ejiofor on Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting (x)

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what do we say to the god of death?

me: sean bean is that way

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July 23rd / 965
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Les Mis modern!AU

"Stop staring, R. He’s gonna notice."

Grantaire forced himself to avert his eyes from Enjolras and snorted disdainfully. “He wouldn’t notice me even if I danced naked on the table. Well, I could try-“

Courfeyrac let out a high pitched laugh. “Good luck with that, mate. He’s not into guys.”

"I didn’t say anything" he mumbled with embarrassment. Grantaire took his flask and poured a good amount of whiskey in his coffee, avoiding his friend’s gaze. Was it that obvious? "…What’s he into, then?" He asked against his will.

"France, mostly" Courfeyrac answered with another laugh, louder than the first.

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